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Important dates:

FormatSubmit byDecision by
Abstract (Oral and poster presentation)DD/MM/2023DD/MM/2023

  • Abstract submissions relating to any aspect of health professions education across the continuum, from undergraduate to continuing professional development

  • Please select a theme and Language (Thai/Eng), as the submission will go to the reviewer of the specific theme.

Oral presentation

Oral presentations are 10-minute presentations on stage, followed by 5 minutes for questions and discussion. Depending on the reviewer’s decision, you may offer an ePoster instead of an oral presentation.


Posters are a 5-minute presentation of the poster followed by 3 minutes for questions and discussion at the on-site poster round session. All Posters are hosted in the Poster board and can be viewed at any time by conference participants.

Abstract structure (oral and poster presentation)  (max 350 words, excluding title and contributor’s details)


  • Title (max 20 words)

  • Background

  • Summary of Work

  • Summary of Results

  • Discussion and Conclusion

  • Contributors (max 10) and confirmation of presenter (max 1): First Name, Last Name, Email, Contact Mobile, Primary Institution, City, Country (only one affiliation may be listed)

  • Indicate if any conflict of interest

  • Preferred Method of Presentation:  Oral Only, Poster Only, No Preference (Oral or Poster)

  • Language (Thai/Eng)

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